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Sign up to be part of a nationwide research study.  After signing the consent forms, we will send you a kit with everything you need to get started.






Your saliva, blood, and urine samples will help us discover the relationships between your genetics and your unique biochemistry.   We use this information to figure out what keeps you healthy, and to discover the root causes of illness.  






Researchers must write grant proposals for research funding, but up to 90% of proposals are rejected.  The process of review is slow and inefficient, which wastes valuable time.  The public can help accelerate scientific progress by providing researchers with access to meaningful biological data.

Through our platform, you can sponsor the assay costs directly, or create your own fundraiser using public crowd-funding platforms.  



Arrange with us to have blood drawn.  You can sign up to have a mobile phlebotomist visit your home, or you can coordinate the blood draw with your own personal physician.  We provide the sample tubes and collection kits.





Get access to your raw genetic and metabolic data.  Your de-identified information becomes part of a valuable databank that scientists can use to study chronic illnesses.  

For incidental findings, we can report directly to your physician, if you give permission and contact information.

As the knowledge base grows about various disease conditions, we will use this information to advise your doctors about how to help you.