We study whole systems, not diseases.  


We tackle complex medical mysteries by diving into the biological mechanisms that cause particular symptoms, and we combine this with high-resolution diagnostics technologies.  Our platform integrates human physiology, biochemistry/metabolism, and genetics to identify the likely causes of disease.  This drives the development of hypotheses, which we test within our network of research partners.

We are recruiting from many different types of people, including healthy people and those with various conditions.  This will help create a diverse central data repository, so that researchers can study symptoms that span across many different kinds of illnesses.  By donating a sample, you can help shape our research priorities.


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Are you in top shape, at the pinnacle of health? Do you eat well and exercise?  Never been sick a day in your life?

We need exceptionally healthy volunteers to help set the standard for what "optimum" looks like, not just average. You will benefit by having a baseline measure of your biochemistry and metabolism, so that we can help keep you healthy longer.



Dr. Ron Davis at the Stanford Genome Technology Center has launched a biomarker discovery project for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is an expansive study of 30 critically ill patients.  We are working with Dr. Davis to develop a companion study that targets a much more diverse set of patients.


We are developing a set of biomarkers that help distinguish dystonia from Parkinson's Disease.






Dermatomyositis is an autoimmune disease that affects skin and muscles.  The symptoms include rashes around the eyes and knuckles, and muscle weakness.  We've identified a metabolic problem that may be driving the disease.