We make it possible to support researchers directly.


Did you know?

  • The success rate for getting a grant from the US National Institutes of Health ranges from 10-20%, depending on the institute.  This means that it takes anywhere from five to ten attempts just to get one funded.
  • It takes more than 6 months to find out whether a grant is rejected or accepted.
  • Senior scientists often spend 30-70% of their time writing grant proposals, not conducting research.
  • Proposals with preliminary data get better scores.  So, most projects that get funded are already well underway. 
  • Money that goes to reviewing grants could be better spent by giving every qualified applicant a seed grant.


How to Help

Participate in research by donating your data

We help you get access to the latest technologies, and we enlist the best experts to help analyze the results.  You can help by providing samples, spreading the word about our mission, and putting your charitable dollars to work directly in the hands of scientists.

Crowdfund for your Favorite Causes

It may be difficult to raise $1 million dollars for a research study, but it's not quite as difficult to raise $1,000 many, many times.  When fundraising for a cause, it also helps to know that you and your loved ones are the direct beneficiaries of the research.

Sponsor a Scientist Directly

In general, scientists are not driven by money or fame-  but a relentless desire to figure things out.  We have thought long and hard about how to harness this collective genius.  Our solution is to start sharing ideas and to help direct funding to other experts in the research community. You can help by sponsoring a scientist directly- please stay tuned as we add more projects to the site.

Donate directly to Us

Medical care can be expensive, and chronic conditions can be a substantial economic burden.  We believe that the way to "cheat the medical system" is to figure out how to keep ourselves exceptionally healthy.  The first step is to get feedback about what's going on with our own biochemistry, metabolism, and genetics.  With this information, we can make choices on a daily basis that help keep ourselves well.

You can help us on our mission to make scientific happen discoveries faster, to arm physicians with the latest diagnostic tools, and to empower patients with personalized health information.




1.  NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools: https://report.nih.gov/success_rates/

2.  Cost of the NSERC Science Grant Peer Review System exceeds the cost of giving every qualified researcher a baseline grant. (Link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19247851)